Economic Sense

Here you will find my policy newsletter, Economic Sense, a data-driven policy summary that examining the issues most important to families and businesses across the state. Click on the links below to read more.

March 2019

Twenty-Fourth Edition: The Best Budget Situation of the 21st Century

February 2019

Twenty-Third Edition: SB 5313 — A History Lesson Unlearned?

Twenty-Second Edition: Mismanagement, Part III: Low-Income Washingtonians on Medicaid Receiving Substandard Care

January 2019

Twenty-First Edition: The $500 Million Inslee Mismanagement Toll

Twentieth Edition – Stuck in the Hospital: A Human Tragedy

November 2018

Nineteenth Edition – Carbon Emissions in Washington

September 2018

Eighteenth Edition – Ongoing Benefits of Historic Tuition Cut

August 2018

Seventeenth Edition – Educator Salary Negotiations

July 2018

Sixteenth Edition – Charter public schools help at-risk students, use constitutionally-compliant funding

Fifteenth Edition – An Open Letter to Future Legislatures to Prevent McCleary 2.0

February 2018

Fourteenth Edition – The Most Disingenuous and Cynical Bill in Olympia, SB 6199

January 2018

Thirteenth Edition – Tax Parity for Manufacturing

Twelfth Edition – Fulfilling a Moral Obligation: Dramatically Increasing Community Mental Health Capacity

October 2017

Eleventh Edition – The Greatest K-12 Funding Infusion in State History

August 2017

Tenth Edition – Thousands More Teachers in Classrooms

April 2017

Ninth Edition – Repairing an Unconstitutional K-12 Funding System through the Education Equality Act.

December 2016

Eighth Edition – Opportunities Lost Funding Historically Expensive Collective Bargaining Agreements.

March 2016

Seventh Edition – A Compromise Giving Voters a Say on Tax Increases.

January 2016

Sixth Edition – Who Makes our Laws?

June 2015

Fifth Edition – GET Holders Benefit from Tuition Reduction

March 2015

Fourth Edition – Pension Liability & Debt Service

January 2015

Third Edition – State Employee Pay & Retention

September 2014

Second Edition – Making College Affordable Again

June 2014

First Edition – Budget Reforms & Protecting Taxpayers