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Here you may find information about what I’m doing on behalf of the 20th Legislative District in the Washington State Senate.

It’s a great honor to serve my neighbors in Thurston, Lewis, Cowlitz and Clark counties. That said, I’m not a career politician and don’t aspire to be one.  It wasn’t until 2012 that I decided to seek elected office, after realizing that it wasn’t enough for me to simply talk about the need for employers like myself to get involved in policy-making.

Given my business background I’m pleased to be serving as vice-chair of the Senate’s Trade & Economic Development Committee and as vice-chair of the Senate’s Commerce and Labor Committee. In addition to those positions, I am the Senate Deputy Majority Leader.  City and county governments are the backbone of our communities, so I appreciate the opportunity to work on the issues concerning local governments. There is much the Legislature can do to help preserve jobs and attract more employers, in ways that both the business community and organized labor should be able to support. I’m also serving as the vice-chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, which is responsible for developing the Senate’s proposed operating budget and is therefore very much in the public spotlight.

Finally, I’m proud to be a member of not only the Senate Republican Caucus but also the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus that was formed in late 2012. Good ideas aren’t necessarily tied to one political philosophy or another, and our majority coalition’s approach to shared governing and desire for bipartisan cooperation can only help to produce better outcomes for the people of Washington. Thanks for visiting. Please contact me if you have a question or concern about state government and believe I can help.

John Braun

PO Box 40420 Olympia, WA  98504-0420

407 Legislative Building

Office: (360) 786.7638

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Brief filed by the Legislature to the State Supreme Court concerning public charter schools Brief filed by the Legislature to the State Supreme Court concerning public charter schools
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Sen. Braun’s E-newsletter – October 6, 2015 Sen. Braun’s E-newsletter – October 6, 2015
Washington’s Paramount Duty A look at education funding in our state Greetings, For the past 30 years, starting in the early 1980s, growth in general government spending outpaced the state’s investments in public education. Billions of dollars were diverted from the state’s paramount duty toward other state programs. As the...
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Braun lauds bipartisan budget that cuts tuition, funds education without new taxes Braun lauds bipartisan budget that cuts tuition, funds education without new taxes
Leaders in the state Senate and House have reached a significant bipartisan agreement on the state’s two-year operating budget. Included in the budget is the Senate’s proposal to reduce tuition at state colleges and universities, sponsored by deputy majority leader Sen. John Braun, R-Centralia. Over the next two years the...
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Sen. Braun’s E-newsletter – May 21, 2015 Sen. Braun’s E-newsletter – May 21, 2015
May 21, 2015 Budget Update: Day 24 of the Special Session The end of the 2015 special session is just over a week away. The Legislature was convened by the governor for 30 days to finish work on the operating budget that should have been completed in the 105-day regular...
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