Braun: Drug contraband, obstruction of justice at Green Hill School warrants thorough investigation

CENTRALIA…Upon learning that 114 bags of contraband were discovered at Green Hill School, and that it was necessary for law enforcement to issue a search warrant because school officials refused to turn the items over, Senate Republican Leader John Braun, R-Centralia, shared the following comments.

“I strongly support the call for an investigation of Green Hill School and the Department of Children and Youth Services (DCYF). School officials have a history of allowing serious security problems to create an unsafe environment. Finding out they have been holding onto 114 bags of drugs, drug paraphernalia and weapons in violation of state law is deeply disturbing. Each one represents a possible felony against whoever brought it into the facility. Tucking them away in a laundry room demonstrates a staggering level of incompetence.

“Even worse are reports that administrators refused to turn the contraband over to authorities when they were asked to do so. When local law enforcement is forced to request a search warrant against a state agency to seize contraband illegally in its possession, it raises suspicion that the school’s officials are obstructing justice to hide something. Why not comply?

“The governor’s dismissive comment that this is all the result of miscommunication shows a continuing lack of accountability on his part for the agencies he oversees. He tries to put a positive spin on this by saying it has created stronger measures to keep drugs out of Green Hill, but mismanagement plagues many of the governor’s agencies.

“The Lewis County Sheriff has the legal authority to investigate Green Hill for criminal activity whether or not the state grants his request for an investigation. I will support his decision to pursue his own investigation should he choose to do so.”