Senate Trade & Economic Development leader celebrates progress

Yesterday was the last day legislators voted on policy bills in the Senate Trade & Economic Development Committee. The meeting was focused on passing bills that would help private sector job growth or increase global competitiveness.

“We had several complex issues in front of us this year, which required more work sessions than normal. I would like to personally thank Senators John Smith (R-Vice Chair) and Maralyn Chase (D-Ranking member) for their efforts to maintain a bipartisan effort,” said Braun, R-Centralia. “I am very proud of what we have accomplished so far. We were able to focus our efforts on jobs and pass several bills that will make it easier for employers to invest in their employees or hire new workers.”

Braun would like to point out the eight bills included in a release issued February 21, and the fifteen bills that passed out of committee with unanimous support as examples of his effort on jobs.

“In the Senate, we formed a Majority Coalition Caucus to focus the legislative agenda on jobs, education and passing a sustainable budget,” said Braun. “In Trade and Economic Development, we looked at every bill before the committee through the eyes of the unemployed, and voted for those bills that fit within our focus on helping them find jobs.”

As the Senate and House move from committee hearings to floor action, several bills originating from the House will end up in Braun’s committee.Sen. Braun speaking on the Senate Floor

“I look forward to seeing what the House sends over,” Braun said. “We are taking a collaborative approach to every bill, and bills from house will not have any exceptions. However, we are firm in our approach to helping private sector job growth, which means every bill passed out of my committee must satisfy that basic requirement.”