Sen. John Braun statement on Gov. Inslee’s 2018 supplemental budget plan

Sen. John Braun, R-Centralia and the ranking Republican on the Senate Ways and Means Committee, gave this statement after Gov. Jay Inslee unveiled his 2018 supplemental budget proposal Thursday morning.


“I’m encouraged by a few components of the governor’s budget plan. I’m glad he is finally adhering to the four-year balanced budget law in crafting his budget, and I appreciate that he is embracing the bipartisan work on the K-12 education funding structure enacted last session. I ask that the governor veto any budget that isn’t balanced over four years.


“My main concern is with aspects of how Governor Inslee balances the budget, specifically with the carbon tax and its impacts on Washington businesses and citizens, and the proposed tapping of the state’s ‘Rainy Day Fund.’ We will see whether there are enough votes in the Legislature to pass these proposals.


“It’s important that we show discipline by keeping a sizable balance in the ‘Rainy Day Fund’ and budget reserve so we can weather an unexpected economic downturn or state revenue drop.  A strong ‘Rainy Day Fund’ goes hand-in-hand with a balanced budget to help ensure Washington’s economic security.


“The governor’s budget proposal is just a starting point. Now it’s up to legislative budget leaders to move forward and develop a prudent and responsible supplemental budget that makes necessary adjustments to the two-year spending plan instead of tacking on expensive wish-list spending items.”