Revenue forecast makes $30 car tabs even more viable, says Braun

OLYMPIA…Sen. John Braun, R-Centralia and budget leader for Washington’s Senate Republican Caucus, made this statement following today’s adoption of the first quarterly state-government revenue forecast for 2020.

The forecast indicates revenues for the 2019-21 budget cycle are $606 million ahead of the November 2019 forecast, for a total estimated revenue gain of $1.5 billion since this past year’s legislative session ended in April.

“Senate Republicans are listening to the people across our state, and the people clearly want $30 car tabs. We have legislation to make that happen, and today’s revenue forecast makes our legislation even more viable. It’s no surprise that House Republicans are on the same page, as they also respect the message sent by the passage of Initiative 976.

“Government can always find something to do with more money; the question is whether the majority side will do something that is good for all of Washington. Lowering the cost of car tabs certainly qualifies. This forecast should make it harder for the majority to ignore the wish of the people; it also crushes the governor’s false claim that K-12 funding would be affected by our common-sense proposal to fund transportation needs with tax revenue from vehicle sales.

“This session, the majority side has passed a new billion-dollar tax on employers. As of today, revenues are running $1.5 billion ahead of predictions. If the forthcoming supplemental-budget proposals from the House and Senate Democrats don’t include a clear path to $30 car tabs, taxpayers will have even more reason to wonder who has the majority’s ear.”