Newsletter: What are your legislative priorities for 2024?

Dear friends and neighbors,

Although the legislature isn’t in session, it’s important to continue updating you on developments that will affect your families.

At the moment, Washington has the second-highest gas prices in the nation. On Aug. 30, another carbon credit auction for the Democrat-sponsored cap-and-tax program will take place. It’s likely that the results of that event will translate into even higher gas prices than you are already paying, once again making ours the highest in the country again.

I should learn the results of that auction during the first week of September, and I will share those with you at that time.

Despite the governor’s rhetoric blaming oil companies for the high prices, our prices remain more than $1 per gallon higher than neighboring states. It’s clear that the governor and the Democratic majority are the ones price-gouging Washingtonians. Not oil companies.

If they cared at all about the rising cost of living and the daily struggle real families face, they wouldn’t be digging deeper into your pocket. They’d be looking at meaningful tax relief instead.

I support reducing carbon and improving our conservation efforts. But recently, the governor lied to the public and impugned our motives for wanting to lower gas prices when he said Republicans don’t want cleaner air, but do want more kids to suffer from asthma.

Instead of making ridiculous accusations for political points, the governor should have the humility to take a serious look at how the cap-and-tax program is hurting everyday people.

Republicans will fight for more relief for your family budget in 2024, which includes fighting policies that are making it impossible for some families to commute to work. More on this topic after I see the auction results.

Sen. John Braun


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Listen to the latest episode of the Elephant in the Dome vodcast where I discuss my top priorities and some of the practical solutions.

I believe in the people of the state of Washington. We’re going to have to keep fighting in the Legislature for the safe, affordable and educated Washington we want. We’re not going to give up until we get there. But, we will get there.


What’s your top concern?

Your opinion really does make a difference. Please take a moment to answer my two-question survey to share what you think are the most important issues the Washington State Legislature should address in 2024. I will share these results in my next newsletter.


Senate and House Republican collaboration will continue in 2024

Recently, Rep. J.T. Wilcox stepped down as leader of the House Republican Caucus. The Centralia Chronicle published Rep. Wilcox’s reflections on his time as leader, in which he was very kind about our partnership and collaboration during the time we both led our caucuses.

Since divisiveness is so dominant in politics right now, Rep. Wilcox’s reflections are a welcome commentary on the importance of working together toward common goals. I will miss working so closely with him in leadership, but I’m confident that his successor, Rep. Drew Stokesbary, will continue his legacy as we prepare for the 2024 legislative session.