NEWSLETTER: Hitting the ground running on key issues this legislative session

My bill on chronic absenteeism in schools gets a hearing


Friends and Neighbors,


The first week of session was busy and I have several things to share with you. First, take a few minutes to watch my weekly video update.


Every year, the week before session starts, the leaders of the four caucuses participate in a variety of press events and interviews to share their perspective on the upcoming session. I’ve provided links to two of these appearances so you can hear for yourself what is coming this session.

My interview on TVW’s “The Impact.”

My panel discussion at Seattle CityClub’s annual Legislative Preview. The panel also includes House Republican Leader Drew Stokesbary, Senate Democrat Deputy Leader Manka Dhingra, and House Democrat Leader Joe Fitzgibbon.


The governor delivered his annual, and final, State of the State address to a joint session of all legislators. Immediately following that, Sen. Nikki Torres, R-Pasco, gave the Republican perspective.

This was followed by a Republican news conference where leaders from both the House and Senate Republicans answered questions about issues we are facing this session.


My bill that addresses chronic absenteeism (SB 5850) was heard in committee yesterday. Listen to the testimony. I’m encouraged and hopeful that it will be voted out of committee, which means it is more likely to come to the Senate floor for a vote. This bill is important, but it is only one piece of the solution for post-pandemic learning recovery. We must fund additional intensive tutoring and we must adequately provide for kids who receive special education services. This is a critical need this session. Since several of my education bills are co-sponsored by Democrats, I’m optimistic about their chances of moving forward.

If you have questions or concerns, you can email me at 


John Braun


State-run detention centers like Green Hill School need security-protocol overhaul

The governor was asked this week about the situation of contraband not being turned in to law enforcement by Green Hill School administrators. He claimed it has improved. Click here to read the response Police Chief Denham and I issued to the press. 


The middle of I-5 is an unsafe and unreasonable protest venue

While people have the right to protest, they do not have the right to block the freeway. In fact, it’s illegal. Read the statement I issued earlier this week expressing my concern about the danger protesters pose to the public and themselves when they block the highway.


Governor continues to scapegoat others for his false claims about carbon tax effect on gas prices

During the recent Legislative Preview, we heard the governor avoid giving straight answers when asked if he and his staff misled the public intentionally about the true cost of his carbon tax. Instead of taking responsibility, he said Republicans overestimated the possible impact, his own Department of Ecology was wrong, and oil companies should show him appreciation. He ultimately dodged the point of the question by pointing to the goals of his policy, implying the ends justify the means.

Read the entire statement here. 



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