Mistaken “yes” vote on SB 5462 explained

The following is my response to inquiries regarding the “yes” vote I made in error on Senate Bill 5462.


Thank you for checking in on this bill. I was pulled off the floor to discuss another matter and thought they were voting on a different bill when they called my name. After they recorded the vote (which was just seconds later), it was impossible to change. Even though my vote made no difference in the passage of the bill, I immediately asked that the error be recorded officially into the journal.

I’ve clipped the part of the journal that pertains to that bill, and you will see that below. My “Statement for the Journal” is at the bottom of the clip. Here is the link to the online journal where the clip came from: https://leg.wa.gov/Senate/SDJ/Documents/2024/SJ_24_010.pdf

SB 5462 contains bad policy, and I have always been opposed to it. I voted “no” on the legislation last year. If you go to this link – https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=5462&Year=2023&Initiative=false – and look under bill history, you will see a link called “View Roll Calls”. You can see my “no” vote there.

Thank you again for taking the time to ask about this. I really appreciate it. There are others who haven’t cared to ask for details before jumping to conclusions. It’s too bad.



Senator John Braun

Senate Republican Leader

20th Legislative District

Leg Building Room 314