Legislative hat trick a win for people of Washington, says Braun

OLYMPIA…Half of the initiatives sent to the Legislature by the people of Washington passed in both chambers of the Legislature today with bipartisan support. Senate Republican Leader John Braun, R-Centralia, released the following comments after the final vote was cast.

“The passage of three of the six initiatives today is terrific – I’m very pleased about it.

“I-2081, which encourages more involvement by parents in their children’s education by allowing more parental involvement is a huge win for parents, students, and our education system. I’m very excited about the passage of this initiative.

“I-2111 bans a personal income tax – something that is really part of our culture here in Washington. It’s not a Republican thing. It’s not a Democrat thing. It’s just what we believe here in Washington.

“I-2113 restores the standard for vehicular pursuit that existed before the tragic mistake made by the majority in 2021 when they changed the law, causing crime to skyrocket. This returns that standard to ‘reasonable suspicion,’ just like it is in the other 49 states in our country. Hopefully, this will help us turn the tide on the growth in crime.

“I only wish Democrats would allow the Legislature to properly consider the remaining initiatives. Right now, ours is a job half done.”

All three initiatives will become law 90 days after the Legislature adjourns on March 7. Gov. Inslee will not have the ability to veto them. The remaining three initiatives are not likely to receive a hearing or a vote in the Legislature, which means they will go to a vote of the people in the November election.