Braun urges Supreme Court to adopt Redistricting Commission’s plan

All four redistricting commissioners affirm redistricting plan agreed upon before legal deadline

In light of this week’s announcement by the Washington State Redistricting Commission that the bipartisan group was unable to fully complete its task of drawing new boundaries for Washington’s 49 legislative districts, Senate Republican Leader John Braun, R-Centralia, released this comment:

“The Supreme Court should adopt the legislative and congressional redistricting maps unanimously approved by the four members of the Redistricting Commission before midnight the day of the deadline. All four attested to the timing of their vote in a letter they all signed and sent to the legislative leaders in both the House and Senate. All four commissioners repeated their unanimous approval during their press conference this week. The boundaries of the new districts are not ideal. I don’t like everything I see in the maps, but the Court’s only role should be to endorse the maps.”