Braun sees proposed Senate budget as ‘good start’ but remains concerned about spending level, new taxes

OLYMPIA…Sen. John Braun, R-Centralia and budget leader for the Senate Republican Caucus, said this about the 2019-21 state operating budget proposed today by the Senate majority:

“The Legislature is well-positioned this year to pass a budget that would support major new investments in bipartisan priorities, like special education and mental-health treatment, without any new taxes. Unfortunately, the budget proposals that are now on the table include new taxes – however, the Senate approach is a much better start than what we’re seeing from the House.

“The tax increases in the proposed Senate budget are still unnecessary, and the spending is higher than necessary, but there is no question it’s much more respectful of taxpayers than the House approach. I appreciate that the Senate majority steered clear of the destructive taxes the House supports – the new capital-gains income tax, the higher tax on services and the property-tax increase tied to lifting the statutory cap on local school levies. However, I remain concerned about the effect of the higher real-estate tax and other tax increases in today’s proposal.

“In the coming days I hope to work with my Senate colleagues on making this a budget that works for all of Washington.”